Experiments in Stitch 2 – Lisa Little

Lisa 2a

Still working with text and embroidery and thinking about Lorina, this experiment became almost a therapy for me, the only obvious difference is that my words would not be angry or disjointed as Lorina’s stream of conscience had been.  I have embroidered my grandmothers and my children’s words and sayings onto wound balls.

For example ‘stop winding me’ was an instruction my son used to give when being teased or wound up.

Lisa 2b

Thinking about text has also led me to think about samplers more generally. Not only the traditional school type, but the earlier long thin sampler which would have been rolled up and kept as your ’embroidered notebook’ in your workbox, to be referred to when needed. Map samplers also fascinate me and the more elusive American Quaker globe samplers, both these teach geography as well as sewing. How practical is that?

I have made such globe sampler based on an old map with country names which are no longer in use.

Lisa 2c

4 thoughts on “Experiments in Stitch 2 – Lisa Little

    1. frayedtextiles Post author

      Well I haven’t finished that many of them, although I have completed half of a replica Quaker pin ball which is in the collection. Mine was knitted on needles the thickness of darning needles but it is still larger than the original! However small were the needles used by those young girls?

  1. Tamlin Lundberg

    These are fantastic, I am working on a series of porcelain vessels and tea cups which relate to emotions and phrases like ‘a storm in a teacup’.. love the relationships between words and objects! x

  2. Sandra Turton

    I’m inspired – they look great and the globe is amazing – it’s always fascinating to see your latest project.


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