Experiments in Stitch 3 – Lisa Little

Still thinking about Lorina Bulwer and her embroidered letter… after making the first piece of work, the recipe experiment, I stitched a quote used daily by my late grandmother. I gave this to my sister for her birthday.

It says;’ I went up the street and didn’t see anyone I knew’.


I have sketched several other works based on text, which I aim to complete before Frayed opens in October. I have also been toying with the idea of juxtaposing the linen/cotton light fabric background of my grandmother’s quotes with extracts from my father’s diaries. After clearing out his home I discovered, as well as diaries and notebooks, piles of scraps of cardboard packaging that my father had written on. These were lists of calculations, rough drafts of wills and angry thoughts but mostly they were lists what money he owned and what he had given to people, repeated over and over. I do not think of my father in affectionate way I think of my grandmother, who brought my older sibling up and myself after our mother passed away. She was and will always be the matriarch. Scared of my father – I think there is a pairing of works here waiting to be made. I will keep you posted!

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