A Poetic Response

Sue Ellis is a member of Quill, a creative writing group which meets monthly in Great Yarmouth.  Sue visited Frayed and here she shares her response to Elizabeth Parker’s sampler.                                                                  

Elizabeth Parker

Words in stitch carefully sewn,

Crying out to a forgiving God,

A testimony of a troubled mind.

Begging, pleading, beseeching,

For our Lord God to take pity,

Regrets the naivety of youth,

Blames herself.

She was headstrong, disobeyed her parents.

Every thread a tear.

of a soul in torment.

Suicidal thoughts of despair.

Not knowing if she can go on.

Will her God forgive her?

Will she be punished?

Will she be saved from the clutches of Satan.

Not knowing what will become of her soul.

My thoughts:-

How long did it take Elizabeth to sew this message, this cry of help?  Who did she seek advice from after the sampler was finished?  Did she continue to punish herself for the rest of her life?  Did she manage to find inner peace from the turmoil she speaks about?  Perhaps she was forgiven by God , and He heard her prayers.

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