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From Frayed to Letters from the Workhouse

Lauren Brumby, Curatorial Assistant at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse talks us through the installation of Lorina’s samplers in the exhibition ‘Letters from the Workhouse.’

First Dave and I pulled down the multicoloured image and installed these large black and white panels. This photo is of the elderly women’s ward at Thetford Workhouse around the same time that Lorina would have been at Great Yarmouth.


Then we installed the three text panels, these are all about how rare the samplers are, what we know of Lorina’s life and what she tells us about living in the workhouse.


We had prepared as much as we could, but the week in between Frayed closing and us reopening was crunch time. Once the case had been delivered we donned our paintbrushes and it was time to turn pink grey!

pink grey meg paint

Then on Friday the samplers arrived! Here is Debbie Phipps, Textile Conservator carefully unrolling them into the case.


Me getting the label ‘just right!’


Dave installing the lid to the case.

dave install

One of the last jobs is to get the light levels right. They have to be low to protect the fabric.


Ta da! All finished. We wanted Lorina to speak for herself through her samplers and hopefully we have achieved that.

Come and see ‘Letters from the Workhouse’ on at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse until Sunday 1st June.



Stitch like Lorina is coming to Gressenhall

Due to the popularity of the “Stitch like Lorina” workshops during the Frayed exhibition at Time and Tide, Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse are pleased to announce that Lisa Little, Curatorial Assistant, Costume and Textiles, will be running the workshop at the museum on Friday 28th March to coincide with Letters from the Workhouse exhibition that opens on the 9th March.  Bring along a quote or use your own words to hand stitch your own Lorina Bulwer inspired sampler.

Please visit our website for more information: www.museums.norfolk.gov.uk/gressenhall and click on the short courses link.

Letters from the Workhouse

Gressenhall Victorian Room

Regular visitors to Gressenhall may recognise this room as the Victorian Room in the Workhouse Corridor.  But it’s looking a lot emptier than usual!  This is in preparation for two very special objects which will be making their way from the Frayed exhibition in Great Yarmouth to Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse for the Letters from the Workhouse exhibition.

We are delighted that these very special objects will be displayed in a workhouse setting.
Come and explore these wonderful samplers and experience the environment where Lorina stitched.
The Letters from the Workhouse exhibition will be open at Gressenhall from 9th March to the 2nd June 2014.
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